How can we Benefited or Improve productivity By Method & Time Study?

How can we Benefited or Improve productivity By Method & Time Study?


Improve productivity By Method Study:

  • Reduce the Number of motions and grasps / Make the best use of both hands
  • Reduce the distances moved - Keep things as close as possible
  • Reduce precision - Use edge guides, folders etc.
  • Reduce eye-shifts - Kinesthetic sense
  • Simplify grasps - Arranging workstation layout
  • Toss dispose rather than place dispose - Waterfall arrangement, use gravity
  • Encourage rhythm


Process of Method Study:

  1. Select the work to be studied
  2. Define the objective
  3. Record relevant information and data
  4. Examine the information and data collected
  5. Develop the improved method
  6. Install the improved method
  7. Maintain the improved method


Improve productivity By Time Study:

Costing: By knowing how long it takes to perform a job, the total time and cost for manufacturing a product can be determined. Determine sales price.

Manpower Planning: By knowing how many units one person can produce it can be determined how many people are needed to produce a given volume.

Machine Requirements: The number of machines required can be determined by knowing the output from one machine.

Production Planning: Time study enables us to measure the capacity of a plant to produce. Decision as to how much volume to load into a plant can be made


Process of Time Study:

Industrial engineers use decimal minute stopwatches which read in:

1 minute = 100 centiminutes





Observe the job and break it into Elements.



Rate each element by comparing with the accepted standard

Element Rating


Use the stopwatch to time the each element

Raw Element Time


Average the observed element times

Average Element Time


Multiply the average element time with rating (2 X 4)

Elements Basic Time


Add the basic time for all elements for operation (å 5)

Operations Basic Time


Add Personal and Fatigue (P & F) allowance and Machine Delay allowance