How to Calculate Garments Finishing Efficiency?

How to Calculate Garments Finishing Efficiency?


Garments finishing is the most important factor for buyer. Even a defect garments can be acceptable by buyer for good finishing.

Finishing Process Involved:Sucking

  • Ironing
  • Size Check
  • Hangtag Attach
  • Needle Checking
  • Folding
  • Packing
  • Cartooning
  • ETC.


Different process is used for different style garments finishing. To measure the Garments Finishing Efficiency-

  1. At first find out the process involved for individual style.
  2. Find out finishing SAM according to style (Collect the standard cycle time of every process for one piece of particular style & sum all the cycle time according to style).


To know more about SAM … Click Here


         (Style A- SAM x Output)+ (Style B- SAM x Output) + ……

Finishing Efficiency = --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- X 100 % 

                                                             Available Time

                 Total produced Time

        = ----------------------------------------------- X 100 % 

                                  Total Used Man x Working Hr x 60


Note: SAM = Time required in min to complete 1 piece body.