How we Produce Yarn From Cotton?

How we Produce Yarn From Cotton?

The yarn making process is a very complicated process. So many things are related with this yarn producing process. Moreover, various kinds of yarn are producing everyday all over the world.

Flow chart for 100% cotton carded yarn.
Ø 1st Step: For producing the yarn at first we need to setup a spinning factory. The productioncapacity of this spinning factory will be depends on our requirement.

Ø 2nd Step: Cotton purchasing by import or from local market. Then store the cotton separately based on its origin, quality & fiber length etc. 



Ø 3rd Step: Blow room section – In this section the cotton goes under several treatment or operations. Such as- Fiber opening, Cleaning, Dust Removal, Blending etc. 



Ø 4th Step: Carding section – After end of the blow room process the cotton comes in the carding section. The cotton comes automatically in these carding machines by pipe. A spinning factory has several carding machine. Two proverbs of the experts - "the carding is the heart of the spinning mill" and "well carded is half spun"


Ø 5th Step: 1st Drawing – From the carding machine we got Sliver. The breaker drawing (1st drawing) machine makes even the sliver by doubling process. 

Ø 6th Step: 2nd Drawing – After finished the process of 1st drawing by the finisher drawing (2nd drawing) machine we make the sliver more even (as much as possible.)



Ø 7th Step: Simplex – This machine produce roving from finisher sliver for make yarn. 

Ø 8th Step: Ring Frame – This machine produce the count wise yarn from roving.

Ø 9th Step: Auto Cone – Winding is the main process of this machine. This auto coner machine make cone from the ring bobbin. 

Ø 10th Step: Packing – After get the yarn cone from auto coner we packed these cone for sale or delivery to the knitting factory.