What is Zipper & All Information About Zipper.

What is Zipper & All Information About Zipper.


Zipper is the most common accessories item for Garments. Mainly it is used in Denim Pants, Jackets, Jogging suit, Bags. We used the zipper in knitted sweat shirt & sweater also.
There is several different quality of zipper in market which is used for different type of garments. We will discuss the regarding the zipper category in our next post.
Structure of a Zipper
A zipper has mainly three parts in its
1)      Slider
2)      Teeth / Elements
3)      Tape
Zipper Slider:
The slider joins or separates the teeth when the zipper is opened or closed. It is the moveable element that open and close the zipper. It composes of "body", "puller" and "crown". Most sliders are made of zinc alloy raw material. There are also sliders made of copper alloy, iron and plastic to fit specific purpose. Various types of sliders are available depending on use.
When choosing the most appropriate slider to assemble onto the zipper, one needs to consider the fourimportant elements:

(1) Zipper size and type,
(2) Locking function,
(3) Puller type,
(4) Surface treatment.

Please find below some different s type of slider

Automatic slider
The lock automatically locks when no force is placed on the tab-pull.
Double Puller
Opens and closes from either front or back. (Non-Lock, Automatic)
Jeans Slider
Jeans Semi-automatic slider
Key lock Slider
Can be locked with a key.
Non Lock Slider
The pull-tab does not lock at any position on the body. Nolocking mechanism.
Pin Lock Slider
Pins on the pull-tab work on the elements and lock.
Plastic slider
Locks are made of metal. (Non-Lock, Automatic)
Plastic Slider

Reversible slider 
The pull moves along a rotating rail. The zipper opens and closes from either the front or back.(Automatic)
Semi-automatic slider
When the pull-tab is lowered, it locks. When the pull-tab is raised, it unlocks.
Zipper Teeth/ Elements:
The teeth, also known as elements, are the parts on each side of a zipper that mesh, or engage, with each other when passed through the slider. When the left and the right side teeth are engaged they are called chain.
Zipper Tape:
The tape is manufactured exclusively for zippers. It is usually made of polyester, but depending on use, synthetic fiber tape, vinyl tape and cotton tape are also available.
Category or Classification of Zipper
Different kinds of zipper are used for different process and item. Such as Jacket, Sweat shirt, Denim Pants, Jogging suit, Sweater etc. Many times buyer asked for different type of zipper based on their garments item.

Mainly we can categorize the zipper in 02 (two) option 
1)      By Materials.
2)      By Function.
                Category of Zipper by Materials
1)      Nylon (Polyester) Zipper
2)    Plastic (Molded, Vislon), Zipper.
3)      Metal (Aluminum, Brass, Anti-Brass, Nickel, Anti-Nickel)
Nylon (Polyester) Zipper
Nylon/Polyester zippers are made by sewing monofilament – formed spiral teeth on to the tape. They are available in a wide range. Therefore, it is the most popular and widely used zippers.
Plastic (Molded, Vislon), Zipper.
Molded (plastic, injection, delrin, chunky) zippers are made by injecting plastic elements (acetal copoliner) onto the tape. A wide range of colors and finished can be sapplied to the zippers for the fashion industry.


Metal (Aluminum, Brass, Anti-Brass, Nickel, Anti-Nickel, Sliver etc)
Metal zippers, made from various dimension of half round wire, display distinctive personalities in the fashion-clothing design. 

Nylon Invisible Zipper

Nylon Lace Invisible
Zipper Categories by Functions
1)    Close-end zippers.
2)    Open-end Separator zippers.
3)    Two-way Separator.
4)    Zipper with Double Sliders (Head-to-head)
5)    Zipper With Double Sliders (Bottom to bottom)
Close-end zippers are non-separating and are normally opened and closed with a slider. The bottom stop is made up of a single part and doesn’t allow complete separation of the chain. These zippers are used on trousers, jeans, bags, boots, etc.
Open-end (separating) zippers have separated ends. The ending part is joined by abox and pin mechanism provided on the lower end of the zipper. The zippers are closed using sliders, and are normally used on jackets and other outerwears.
Two-way separating zippers have separated ends as well. The bottom slider allows movement from the bottom of the zipper. These zippers are used in rainwears, sportswear’s, andsleeping bags.
Two-way head to head zippers have two sliders at the center of the chain when the zippers are closed. Head to head zippers can be opened by pulling the sliders towards the stops, but cannot be separated because the ending parts have two stops that cannot be divided. These zippers are mainly used for bags, backpacks, and luggages.
Two-way tail to tail zippers have sliders on opposite ends when the zipper is closed. These zippers can be opened by pulling the sliders towards each other, but cannot be separated. They are used for overalls
Some Important Issue Regarding Zipper
Some Important Issue Regarding Zipper
When we will use zipper in a body, we must be careful regarding some points. Because any wrong selection in this process can be reject your garments. We must be considering each & every points before place a work order of zipper. Also we must be test everything before start joining with the body.
Always we should keep a thing in our mind that, the characters of zipper is not similar with our garments. So we always should try for better adjustment.
The main material of zipper is teeth. The Zipper teeth are usually made of brass, aluminum, plastic or nylon and shrinkage of these items is very low. These items do not shrink when washed.
Therefore, the zipper tapes must be made of materials which do not shrink when washed otherwise the shrinkage will make the zipper fail to function. In most cases, the zipper tapes are made of nylon or polyester which do not shrink and are colorfast. 
When we order zippers we should specify that, the zippers (teeth and tape) are color fast, and order them in colors to match the garment color after wash.
The colors of pigment dye fabric, garment dye fabric, garments or denim garments may change substantially during the washing process. If your zipper colors match them before wash, you will end up having the zippers much darker than garments colors after wash.
If it is a long zipper like the front zipper of a Jacket, you have to make sure the shell fabric you use is of maximum 3% shrinkage otherwise when the garments shrinks in washing and the zipper does not shrink, the zipper will become wavy making it difficult for the zipper slider to go up down. Besides, a wavy zipper will make the garments look bad.
Also before place a order you should have clear idea that, you are ordering left handed or right handed zipper. Because, very often buyer asked for different handed zipper for male & female.
I personally advise all the merchandiser that, you must fix the zipper length after discussion with your production people otherwise you may get in trouble.
Regional Requirement for Zipper
Regional Requirement for Zipper
Normally we follow some regional requirement regarding the zipper, when we ordered or attached the zipper with body. Such as right handed zipper and left handed zipper.  This requirement also very important for fashion trend so, before place a order please be confirmed with your buyer.
For Jacket front zippers, please note the following habit in U.S.A and Europe.
Men’s jackets with the zipper slider on the right-hand side of the zipper when the Jackets is worn. The wearer uses her left hand to zip.
Ladies (Female) Jackets with the zipper slider on the left-hand side of the zipper when the Jacket is worn. The wearer uses her left hand to zip.
Just the opposite of the above.
Men’s (male) Jacket with the zipper slider on the left hand side of the zipper when the jacket is worn. The wearer uses her right hand to zip.
Ladies (Female) Jackets with the zipper slider on the right hand side of the zipper when the Jacket is worn. The wearer uses her right hand to zip.